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30 Essential Literary Terms Dear Student: Please keep this sheet in your notebook throughout the school year. Thanks! Mrs. Wendel Protagonist the main character Antagonist the force that contends with or opposes the main character a character in a piece of literature whose Static Character basic personality or behavior remains. Jul 09, 2021 · Literary devices or literary techniques are specific structures that writers often use to add meaning or create more compelling stories for the reader. Some common examples are metaphor, alliteration, hyperbole, and imagery. These techniques can give the reader a greater understanding and meaning of the writers intent.. Critical Essays Use of Literary Devices in The Handmaid's Tale. Like a portion of modern fiction writers — Ray Bradbury, Fred Chappell, and Toni Morrison — Margaret Atwood is, by nature, training, and profession, a poet. Her facile expression of thought processes and manipulation of language to probe the psychological perversions in Gilead. Objectives: The aim of this study was to get an overview of current theory and practice in early assessments of medical devices, and to identify aims and uses of early assessment methods used in practice. Methods: A systematic literature review was conducted in September 2013, using computerized databases (PubMed, Science Direct, and Scopus), and references list.
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